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Since its arrival in the port of Gavriou on the northwestern tip of the island, the visitor has the opportunity to start his vacation. The route to the town, about 36 kilometers, is really enjoyable.

The Phaneromenis Castle ViewFrom the Anchovy extending northeast areas with poor vegetation and many rural villages (Cork , Makrotantalo ,Goats ). The road to the island's capital is pointing south and to the area of Stavropeda move on mountain slopes along the coastline of the island having panoramic views of the islands of Kythnos, Kea, Gyaros, Syros.

Just outside Gavrios and left on the mountainside rises the tower of St. Peter, circular stone-built tower of the Hellenistic period , preserved in 20 meters height, unknown use for archaeologists . Perhaps an observatory and participated in the beacon system.

Further south the road passes from Andros with a beautiful beach and continues to Aprovatou and Paleopoli old capital of the island . This is also located close to another very important ancient site of the island, the Zagora settlement. Continuing we arrive in the Stavropeda where we find the crossroads (hence Stavropeda) leading, left to Chora (the island's capital) and right to Korthi. A smaller road on the right of the crossroads leads to the beautiful beach of Chalkolimiona.

The Melissa cape viewIn Korthi, there are many paths available for walking trekking and exploring. You can find paths of various difficulties although some of them are not very well preserved. The most prominent path is the one starting from Korthi bay and leading to Chora. It is a very long and steep paths than climbs all the was up to Phaneromenis castle and back down to the Dipotamata kanyon.

The view from the Phaneromenis Castle is unsurpassed, and this was one of the main reasons that this old Venetian fortress was built in the first place.

Another interesting path that starts from Korthi goes exactly the opposite direction, south. It climbs the Rachi mountain side and heads for the St. John beach and further down towards the Andros/Tinos strait.

Smaller suggested walks take you to the various villages in Korthi bay. You will come across old stone stair and houses, magical landscapes, hidden water streams and especially in spring time, a variety of colourful flowers.









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